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    Welcome to My Homes WA, a dynamic residential homebuilder in Perth, specialising in designs for affordable living. It begins with design and we do it all; everything from home plans to amenities and innovative low maintenance solutions are included in our designs of the practical and aesthetic elements of your home.

    Get started and make your dream home come alive!

Single and Double Storey House and Land Packages

Embrace a rent-free future with our single and double storey house and land packages in Perth, WA.

Searching for that perfect home can be an exhilarating, yet an overwhelming experience. You want a good location, a cultural neighbourhood, modern facilities and above all, a home that suits your personality and aspirations.

My Homes WA brings you land packages in Perth to build your dream home, the way you like it. As a one-stop destination for everything, we save you the time, money and energy, and not to mention, deliver exceptional results.

Choose from our wide range of single storey homes and double storey house and land packages in some of the best locations in the city. You always find something that suits your lifestyle and budget. When you choose a Perth house and land package we let you design and build it the way you want.

Our extensive list caters to everyone, right from local Perth families, singles, young couples aspiring first-time home buyers.

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Design Your Dream Home

As our one-stop-solution, you are welcome to call in our office, pick a lot and design it, too. We can customise your home, based on your ideas. After considering the land’s dimensions and potential, we suggest some inspirations that will make your home and life beautiful. We offer everything from cheap land in Perth to luxury home and land packages in various suburbs and at various price points.

Trust our Reliable Home Finance Solutions

If you don’t have any savings, My Homes WA can get you a no savings home loans in Perth. Our home finance experts will understand your requirements, budgets and aspirations and guide you throughout the financial process to make your dream a reality.

With our first home finance solutions, we help first time home buyers in Perth construct their homes without having to worry about monetary concerns. Not to mention, we also offer home finance solutions to leading investors who want to add to their diverse portfolios.

From finding suitable house and land packages in Perth to fit in your budget to deriving the best no deposit home loans in Perth, our financial advisers do it all.

Variety is the Spice of Life!

At My Homes WA, we offer incredible variety in our land and house packages in Perth. Whether you want a stunning double-storey mansion with a backyard, a comfortable cottage or an ultra-modern single storey home, we’ve got you covered.
Want to live closer to the beach or in the heart of the city? Our consultants are happy to serve you with exactly what you need, in the price range you can afford.

Why Choose My Homes WA’s Home and Land Packages in Perth?

• You can get your land and home design from the same company – a reputed and trusted Australian firm
• You can save money as you have to pay less to buy a new home and land package together
• We offer incredible options for plots in all suburbs and metros
• Our creative team works with you to create a remarkable home design
• We make sure our new homes are energy efficient so you can save on bills too

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