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my homes wa

My Homes WA is an dynamic residential homebuilder in Perth, specialising in home designs for affordable living.
It begins with design and we do it all; everything from custom home plans to amenities and creativity are included in our home designs for the practical and aesthetic elements of your home to make it uniquely yours.

We also offer complete house and land packages, and in-house finance assistance. We can create your dream home by listening to what you need and addressing your functional requirements.

our philosophy and history

We endeavour to always be mindful of quality and go the extra mile while maintaining the strong family values and experience we have nurtured over the Commercial Building. This philosophy is carried across to our ‘First Home Buyers’ and through to our investors.

Since our commercial construction sister company was established in 1995, we have expanded significantly and our brand reputation as a reputable company has grown in the residential housing sector. Homeowners and residential developers alike regularly request our cost-effective home design solutions, produced by our award winning in-house designer who forms a part of our extremely talented design and construction team.

the people behind my homes wa

The entire team of My Homes WA was handpicked for their many years’ experience, talent and skill in the home building industry. Each member has over 15 years’ industry experience and as such we are fortunate to be able to mirror the success of our commercial building experience, in our residential building solutions.

By injecting our company culture, strong alliances and family values into every product we create for the residential market, your home will be nothing short of a beautifully constructed home, from design to completion of the home build.

dream home solutions

We welcome the opportunity to turn your house into your ideal home. No longer do you need to wonder if you can afford your dream house because My Homes WA focusses on bringing the savings to you, creating an ideal solution to suit your requirements.

the values behind what we do

You can trust us to be accountable, make a difference, focus on detail, deliver quality, be completely honest, keep promises, be reliable and positive, and to always be available for you. We reflect these core values in every job and project that we take on.

designed to reflect your vision

We’ll take your dream and turn it into a reality: your home. Trust our core values that are authenticity, passion, reliability and positivity, to reflect in your final product. Contact My Homes WA today for your home design quotation, tailored to your needs.

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