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Finance Disclaimer


My Homes WA is not an affiliate of the Thane Group or any of its subsidiaries. Its operation is independent and mutually exclusive to that of the Thane Group.

My Homes WA carries no responsibility litigious, fiduciary or moral for the actions of any external party even that which they may recommend from time to time. My Homes WA recommendations towards the use of external parties is by definition recommendation only, it is not compulsory, preferred nor will it in any way affect the outcomes or performance of My Homes WA.

My Homes WA reserves the right to recommend external parties and receive gratuity for that recommendation from time to time, of which our clients will be fully informed.

Any advertised or promoted offer presented by My Homes WA (particularly pertaining to special offers, finance or reliance on third parties) will be subject to terms and conditions of which will be adequately disclosed and defined prior to any commitment by the client. It is important to note that offers where conditions apply provide no guarantee that the offer can be fulfilled unless particular to the conditions in line with the definitions of the provider of the offer.

My Homes WA hold no responsibility for any unfulfilled offer where conditions are not met as defined by the provider (including My Homes WA). My Homes WA make these offers in good faith with genuine condition, however do not guarantee any outcomes where conditions apply.


Thane Group and its businesses are not in any way affiliated with My Homes WA and their operation is mutually exclusive.

Thane Group and its businesses does not warrant, guarantee or in any way take responsibility for the outcomes provided by My Homes WA or anyone associated with My Homes WA.

Any offer made in conjunction with My Homes WA will carry its own set of conditions particular to Thane Group and its businesses and Thane Group are solely responsible for the definitions around conditions provided (generally sub defined from third party associations such as lenders, government institutions and legal entities). For that reason, for any offer made by Thane Group, the fulfilment is entirely to the discretion of Thane Group and its businesses. All offers are made in good faith and all offers will be given due consideration without guarantee of outcomes.

Thane Group reserve the right to accept referrals from associated partners and pay gratuities to those partners from time to time under full disclosure to their clients prior to client commitment.

Thane Group’s recommendations do not represent the views, intentions or advice of any business component of the Thane Group. Thane Group’s recommendations are not intended in any way to formulate any part of advice formal, personal or otherwise. Thane Group’s recommendations are designed for the information only purposes of its recipient and therefore are not intended for re-circulation. All recommendations are of a general nature only and not constitute specific individual advice and are to be considered for information purposes only.


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