First Home Builders

If you’re a first-time home buyer in Perth, you want to work with a company that is sensitive to your needs and situation, and who will guide you through the entire home design and building process from start to finish. You need an expert first home builder. That’s where we come in. As first home builders in Perth, we deal with many first home buyers, many of whom are often nervous and wary of the property industry. We are sensitive to your needs and will make home design and building easy to understand and the entire experience an enjoyable one. Contact Us for a chat.

From making sure your home finance is in order, to designing your new home and making sure your dream house becomes a reality, we are here for you every step of the way.

Homes From $112,990

We have a massive range of home designs from $112,990 up to $249,990 to meet any stage of your lifestyle requirements.

Breaking News

Great news! Keystart is increasing the maximum income limits for our low deposit home loan for the second half of the 2019 calendar year. The income limits will increase by $15,000 for singles and couples and by $20,000 for families for first and subsequent homebuyers and are effective from 1 July 2019.
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No Savings Home Loans

Buying your first home is a fantastic feeling but it can be stressful if you are not completely familiar with what is involved. That’s why we strive to make the purchase as simple and understandable as possible, we can even arrange a no savings home loan if you qualify. Making sure the buying process runs smoothly. As specialist home builders, we are in the business of converting dreams into reality, but we can only do that by working directly with you the client. We see ourselves as your partners in building a lifestyle that suits your personality and budget.

We Pay Your Rent

This lets you make the repayments on your home loan and still be able to pay your rent while you build your dream home. Plus, you can still have the funds available to save for the other things you may need. As a family owned and run business we know and appreciate the pressure you may find yourself in. Building your first home is the road to creating wealth for you and your family. At My Homes WA, we still believe we can help you achieve the Great Aussie Dream. Owning your own home.

First Home Owners Grant

Here at My Homes WA, we can assist you in applying for the “First Home Buyers Grant” and any other Rebates or Stamp Duty Concessions you may be eligible for.
As we are specialists in this area and have helped many people get into their home.

Quality Homes to Suit your Lifestyle

When buying a first home, you are buying a home for you and your family to live in, but you are also buying an investment that you hope will provide you with a substantial return, should you decide to sell it down the line. We consider all this, especially if you are a first home buyer without much property experience. We focus on designing and building quality homes that suit your lifestyle and budget needs, but one that will also deliver a good long term return on your investment should you decide to sell.  We have a series of home designs from only $124,990 that you can choose from, or we can custom design a home from scratch. We’ll advise you on all the financial implications of purchasing, whether you are buying to live or as an investment to rent out.

We employ a team of New Home specialists, who are here to assist you in making the best decisions and offer you the best advice. When you build a home with us, you can buy with confidence, both in the quality of our homes and the reliability of our services.

1st Home Buyers

Many first home buyers are nervous about the prospect of home ownership. There is no need to be. When you work with us, we will explain everything in detail, making sure you understand all the particulars before we start building a home for you.

We are a company of experienced  first home builders who take great pride in the quality houses that we build and the happy homeowners we have helped in Perth and other suburbs of WA.

Guide to buying your first home

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