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Searching for the perfect double storey home design in Western Australia? We have over 40 unique two-storey home designs, and countless custom home design options to bring your dream home ideas to life.

As a Quality double storey home builder, we have an exclusive range of two storey floor plans that suit all popular block sizes and shapes.

Furthermore, if you have a unique block that’s sloping or odd-shaped, we can always customise a two-storey home design for you to maximise space, views and value.

A Solid Foundation

We strongly believe that a great home design and build all begins with a great foundation. At My Homes WA, we stand right beside you from the moment you finalise your block.

We help you visualise your dream two storey home, and discuss ideas to embrace luxury and comfort. We don’t just focus on your home design, but also on building our relationship on trust, commitment and quality services. The result is happier customers and faster home build completions.

Why Opt for a Two Storey Home?

Backed by our decades of experience in designing and building both single storey and double storey homes, we are happy to share some insights to help modern Perth families like yours. If you’re leaning towards building a double storey home, the following are some benefits you can enjoy:

More Space, More Savings – You can almost double your living space, without having to pay double the price. If your land is smaller, we can build you a 2 storey home to take your lifestyle to the next level.

Outdoor Adventures – Compared to single storey home designs, our 2 storey homes have a smaller footprint, leaving more space for your dream backyard. You can create your own vegetable garden, have a pool or have a outdoor area to entertain all your family and friends.

More Layout Choices – We offer lots of choices on how to utilise the extra space. For instance, you can opt for a master bedroom on the upper level, away from the entertainment zone on the ground floor for complete peace and relaxation. You can also opt for teenage rooms on the upper level and create a master suite on the ground floor for some distance and quiet.

Embrace The Views – A Double storey homes offer incredible luxury and spectacular views for all residents. You can choose all four bedrooms on the top floor so that everyone in the family wakes up to mesmerising views every morning. Don’t forget to add a private balcony for the perfect unwinding spot.

Best of Both Worlds – Double storey homes give you an opportunity to live the best of both worlds – you can look forward to entertainment and noisy family time on one floor, and some relaxing personal time on another. You also have the option to design both the levels distinctively for that feeling of separating your worlds.

We specialise in designing homes for a wide variety of spaces, including custom home designs, narrow lot home designs and rear strata block home designs. Get in touch today to find out what Perth’s home building experts can do to turn your dream home into a reality!

Ready to build? If you’re worried about home finance, our team can assist with home finance solutions and fetch the best no savings home loans at attractive rates. After all, nothing should stop you from living in the home you deserve!

My Homes WA is one of the most reputed double storey builder in Perth, known for our exceptional quality, premium workmanship and luxury inclusions. Trusting us to build your double storey home is the best possible option!