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Walk The Plan

Walk The Plan*

You can now “Walk your Plan” in real time! and in real size! before making a decision on your home design. This amazing technology will allow you to see your home before a brick is laid.

How? We are offering this Fantastic New Way of buying your Dream home ..



Bring your floor plans to life with this high-tech, state-of-the-art visualization tool allowing you to literally walk through & experience your soon-to-be new dream home.
This experience can help you to make a big difference. Especially for those who have trouble visualizing paper plans.

Use “Walk the Plan” and see the shape of your kitchen, the positioning of your stove, fridge, sink, island bench top and feel the layout of your bathroom to your bedroom, living room and dining room with the furniture of your desire, giving you the opportunity to rectify or change your plans without any costly variations, making sure your home is what you expect and saving you and your family thousands or maybe even tens of thousands of dollars.
Most of us cannot visualize and proportionate just by looking at plans. When the house is built and ready then it’s too late to go through the hassle and expense of moving walls half a metre left or right and swapping areas and rooms around, so people are forced to live with what’s been built, not being 100% happy with the finished product.
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Not only that; We can also get you a “No Savings Home Loan” and “Pay Your Rent” while you build. Plus now give you the chance to Win Big!.

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