February 21 2018

Buying a packaged property deal – all you need to know

Buying a house and land package is an attractive option for many. Especially for those who enjoy owning a new home in a secured estate or new development.

What is a house and land package?

Developers buy up land, lay down the necessary infrastructure including water, utilities, sewage and roads and then sell of these house and land packages to the public. Developers then either sell these house and land deals as a package, or they sell blocks of land and offer the buyers a choice of home designs and features for their newbuild.

Buyers enjoy this method of purchasing property. It allows them to choose their own features and they can customise the house to suit your lifestyle if they so choose. A new home also ensures that your chances of getting finance are good, and that your maintenance costs should be low for the foreseeable future.

What kind of packages are there?


  1. You purchase the land first – before the house is built
  2. You buy a completed home on the developer’s land.

Is buying a land house package different to buying a regular house?

It is slightly different. When you buy a regular house, you get finance on the entire deal, all included. With a land and house package you usually buy the land first and obtain the appropriate financing. The land acquisition requires a regular mortgage loan whereas the construction phase will require a special construction loan, where individual amounts are agreed upon for each stage of the construction process.

What else to consider?

  • Location

There are many developments all over WA but you want to make sure that what you buy is suitable for you and your family. Make sure to drive around any prospective area, talk to locals and try get a feel for the suburb before committing to living there.

  • Developer/builder

Make sure that any developer who you consider buying from has a solid reputation. There are many developers and most are solid and dependable, but you still want to research their reputation before buying from them.

The same goes for any builder who will be creating your dream home. Not all builders are equal, make sure yours is a financially sound building company with a solid industry reputation.

Questions to ask your builder

  • Does the company have the relevant expertise and experience?
  • Have they built homes similar to the quality and style you require?
  • Do they have the necessary insurance as required by Australian legislation?

Choose a design

You’ve bought your piece of land in a very nice development, now it’s the most exciting part, choosing a design for your home. You can either choose from existing designs or you can get a home custom designed (according to all development specifications) to suit your block of land.

Clarify what is included

Make sure you know exactly what is included in your design and what might be an additional expense. Make sure to read any contract thoroughly and ask for expert advice if you are not sure of anything.

Choose your features and it’s time to build. Soon you’ll be a very happy owner of a beautiful new home in a development estate.

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