House and Land Packages: Everything You Need To Know

March 19 2019

Choosing a house and land package can make it simpler to get into your dream home. The Perth home building experts at My Homes WA are there to make the process even simpler!

30 second summary:

    • House and land packages can save you hassles, make your home financing process simpler, and get into your newly-built home faster!
    • House and land packages are often cheaper than established homes!
    • Why settle for someone else’s dream home when you can turn yours into a reality, choosing a customisable home design you love?

Whether you’re an aspiring homeowner or an investor, you would explore all the possibilities to secure your dream home or property. In this regard, you may have heard about exciting house and land packages in Perth. Yet, you may be unsure if opting for house and land packages is the best deal for you.

Our effective guide will give you the road map to unlock your front door with the right home and land packages.

So What is a House and Land Package, Anyway?

In common terms, Perth house and land packages allow you to bundle your block and home together in one single purchase. This gives you an opportunity to build the turnkey home you desire, with minimum stress and lower costs too.

The main difference between choosing the affordable house and land packages in Perth and choosing an existing home lies in the finances.

Usually, when you buy the land first and then build a home, you get two loans. One is for the land mortgage and second is the home loan to build your home. With land and home packages in Perth, the process is simpler. You have only one contract and loan.

Thus, you get your house keys much faster, with minimum hassles too. Not to mention, you’ll have lots of options in terms of designing your perfect home, and you can also customise the home design and add extras to the house land package.

Things to Keep in Mind When You Choose Home and Land Packages

Location, Location, Location

Think of investing in building your home in a location that’s poised for growth. Consider the location in terms of proximity to work, schools, and your daily needs. Also, think about infrastructure and public transport. Lastly, consider property trends to estimate appreciation over the years.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Once you find your dream block, you’ll need to know if you can afford not just the land, but also building your dream home on it. Talk to the home builder about the costs included in the quoted price and things that might cost extra.

A reputed home builder will be able to give you a detailed breakdown of costs, including the materials, fixtures and finishes.


This is another crucial consideration when you opt for house and land packages in Perth. Get a proposed timeline in writing from your home builder so that you know when you can move into your new home. Also, know about what to expect in terms of the home construction process, inspections and walk-ins.

Benefits of Choosing a House and Land Package

It’s Cost-Effective

House and land packages in Perth are cheaper than established homes. This ensures that there is tremendous potential for capital growth in your home investment.

It Requires Less Maintenance

It’s easier to maintain a home that a home builder has recently built, specifically for you. They require less upkeep, no major repairs anytime soon and have a warranty in many cases.

It’s a One Stop Shop

Searching for land, a home builder and a home design to complete your home can be tedious. Home and land packages in Perth WA are a better option as a single party does all the hard work and you don’t have to worry about coordinating with multiple companies.

It Offers Unlimited Home Design Options

No matter which Perth house and land you choose, there will be many options available for the home design development. You can choose from an available design or customise your home as per the block’s layout. Check out My Homes WA’s fantastic single-storey home designs and double-storey home designs.

So next time you see a house and land package for sale, think how much time, energy and financial savings they can offer. Additionally, you get to move into your dream home much faster, and it will be exactly the way you imagined it! Get in touch with the expert home designers and builders at My Homes WA to discover how we can help you achieve your dream home.

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