Benefits of Buying a House and Land Package in Perth

April 10 2018

If you have been considering your options of building a custom home, you might have come across the concept of ‘house and land packages’ that are the latest rage in the real estate market in Perth. The house and land packages offer great value to potential homeowners in terms of great value for money as well as endless options of customising their dream homes as per their needs and requirements.

What is a House and Land Package?

A number of home building companies nowadays offer their customers the provision of buying a land in their preferred location and getting a fully customised home constructed on it by a single home builder. More often than not, such properties are located in massive land estates, where the home builders purchase the land from the government and develop facilities and infrastructure to create a sort of residential community.

What are the benefits of House and Land Packages?

  • One of the obvious benefits of buying a house and land package is that it allows you endless opportunities of creating fully customised homes suited to your needs and preferences. As opposed to buying an already constructed home that severely limits your options of infrastructural design, location and designing, the house and land packages provide you the freedom of designing your dream home from scratch while optimising the use of construction time, quality of raw material and level of investment as per your choice.
  • You also get the freedom to take your pick from a huge selection of plots in multiple suburbs to suit your choice of location. Regardless of whether you wish to live near the beach or the CBD or a specific community such as an eco-friendly estate or a golf village, these house and land packages offer you a wide selection of family friendly locations to build your dream home.
  • Building a new home from scratch is always a better deal as compared to purchasing a property that is already built, as it eliminates the concerns associated with depreciation and maintenance costs of the building. With your wall paints, bathroom fixtures, kitchen counter-tops, flooring and so on newly installed, you need not worry about things falling apart or getting expensive repairs done around the house.
  • The house and land packages also enable the home buyers to build energy efficient custom homes using environment friendly construction techniques and materials. Since sustainability is becoming a major concern for the real estate industry in Australia, building an eco-friendly home will allow you to do your bit in conserving the environment for your future generations.
  • One of the biggest advantages of buying a house and land package over purchasing the land and house construction separately is the cost effectiveness of the former. A majority of the home builders in Perth offer attractive deals and offers on their house and land packages that help you save a lot on your investment and use the money for superior quality home building.

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