Home Design for a Rear Strata Block House

August 15 2018

Have you thought about subdividing your block and building a brand-new home at the rear of your property? Or are you thinking of purchasing a vacant rear strata block to design and build your dream home?

As a home builder, My Homes WA has extensive experience in rear strata home design, building and property development. We have a broad range of plans to choose from for any type of block and shape. Alternatively, our award-winning home design team can create a perfect rear strata block home design for you that will maximise your block’s potential.

Rear strata blocks are also referred to as house behind house, rear property developments, battle-axe blocks and rear strata developments.

House behind house is considered the most popular and most simple subdivision of turning one block into two, where one house is constructed behind the other. It is ideal if you have a large block and would like to keep the existing house and construct a brand-new home behind it for investment. You can also demolish and build two brand-new homes.

My Homes WA is one of the few Perth’s home builders that offer affordable house design and building on battle-axe blocks in Perth. Thanks to our parent company, Vespoli Construction, we have an enormous power and support network behind us to make your rear home build economical, at the same time, loaded with premium inclusions that other builders call upgrades.

For rear strata home designs decked out with the best inclusions and specifications, choose My Homes WA.

We believe our exceptional quality workmanship as well as fixed construction and administration timeframes* is the perfect combination that allows us to build the most excellent home that will ideally suit your lifestyle and budget.

Want to know more? Get in touch, and check out our fabulous range of home designs and our Perth display homes.

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