Narrow Lot Home Designs

August 16 2018

Narrow lot home developments are becoming more popular due to multiple block subdivisions. Narrow lots width varies from 7m to 10m. If you don’t want to compromise on space, thoughtful home design and clever planning will enable your new home to be built in a way that feels spacious and practical.

Open Plan

Open plan living is all about free flowing spaces. It feels social and inviting, allowing family time to be more warm and special. Open home design plan combined with high ceilings creates an impression of increased space. Open plan layout also makes small and narrow areas feel much larger by permitting natural light to travel through the home and ensuring there are no dark corners or dead spaces. 


Addition of a balcony to a double storey narrow house design will provide one more entertaining area where everyone can come together to spend some quality time and enjoy each other’s company. The balcony will not affect your ground floor footprint and it will allow you to have a larger backyard  or an extra room.


A well designed and positioned study nook can be used instead of a separate study, allowing space for an extra bedroom or more expansive family area.   


You can never have enough storage space at home. Especially if you have a large family, storage space is essential for eliminating clutter. With double storey home designs, the area under your stairs can be utilised as a storage. An attic can also be incorporated in the narrow home design if the roof pitch allows. It is another clever way of storing items that are not used frequently. Roof storage is also a great space saving option in your home. It can be set up during the home design and home building process, or after you move in.


There is no doubt that natural light helps to open up the living space. Windows will aid to create a visual effect of open space and make it feel more inviting and roomier. Expansive glass doors will let the outside light in and create a smooth flow from one area to the next.  

Let the Expert Home Builders Help

Every narrow lot has its own advantages and there is no better option than speaking to an expert.  First home builder, My Homes WA can skilfully personalise your home design and make your dream home ideas come true. We will offer you the best solution on how to maximise your living space on a narrow lot. If you want an ultimately spacious and airy home that will perfectly suit your needs, trust the professionals and give us a call.

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