Buying Your First Home? Here’s what you need to know

April 10 2018

While your first home might not be your last, it will always be an extremely important and special investment of your life. Since first home buyers are typically inexperienced, they are more prone to missing out on important details of home designing and struggling with serious maintenance issues for as long as they choose to live there. However, armed with the right information about home construction, you can ensure that your first ever home purchase is a success. To make things easier for you, we have rounded up a list of things you must consider while buying your first home.

Consider the Style of the Home

Even before you set out to buy your first ever dream home, you must first consider the style of home you see yourself living in. With custom building offering you endless choices of home designs, it is worthwhile to invest suitable time in considering the style of your first home. Regardless of whether you wish to buy a vintage style mansion or a contemporary urban villa, your choice of home design must not only go with your idea of the interior decor, but also align with your unique lifestyle preferences.

Identify your Accommodation Requirements

While most potential home buyers in Perth do consider their existing family strength while buying their first home, they often fail to accommodate the future needs of their family as they would emerge several years down the line. While planning for additional bedrooms for your kids while you are still growing your family might be appropriate, the extra rooms would only pose a major maintenance concern if your kids are likely to leave for college in a few years.

Single Storey or Multiple Storey

Whether you want single storey or two storey homes, it is more of a personal choice. While some home-buyers might want to live in an expansive single storey home, the others might prefer a more colonial style of living with loft style bedrooms on the upper level and smartly designed living spaces on the ground floor. In addition to this, your choice of home design will also depend on your plot size. For instance, if you have a smaller square footage, you might want to build multiple levels to deal with the space constraint and provide a decent accommodation for your family.

Determine the Practicality of the Layout

The one aspect of your home design that can seriously impact its functionality is whether or not its layout is in harmony with your unique lifestyle. For instance, given the level of free movement and sense of spaciousness they provide, open plan layouts are the latest trend in custom home building. Depending upon how you wish to furnish your house and use the spaces on an everyday basis, you can design a floor layout that offers great functionality while also taking care of the aesthetics of your interior décor. For instance, if there is a family member with a motor disability, you might want to incorporate a levelled floor plan with no elevated steps or stairs to connect the different rooms.

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