Things you should remember for a successful demolish and rebuild

January 13 2019

You’re thinking the home you’re currently living in is too small, and the kids are sick and tired of sharing a room. Has a demolish and rebuild ever crossed your mind? Demolishing a structure might not sound like the most simplest task. But having a trusted home builder by your side can make the process a lot easier. Demolishing the existing building, leaving a fresh block of land, acts like a blank canvas. Meaning your new construction can be positioned exactly where you’d like it. Most importantly, our home designers can make sure that your new home is fully customised to your personal style.

Though before making any major decisions, there are a few things you need to think about. Such as – who is responsible for permit fees? Or how much of the existing property do you want demolished? Our expert team can assist in answering any questions you may have. Once you have the answers you need, the demolishing process can begin.

Some other points you need to consider before a demolish and rebuild are – has have you had a site inspection? A site inspection will determine if there is any factors that that could disrupt a rebuild. Such as does the land have suitable drainage. Are there any trees that could impact the positioning of the new structure. Most importantly, could the be land heritage listed. All of these examples need to be determines prior to the demolish and rebuild.

Once your home inspection is completed the next step is confirming your home design. Including all the inclusions you want in your future build. These inclusions may be fittings, or the overall colour scheme of the home. The building company’s job is to then draw up a picture of what the home will cost – on your chosen block of land. Prior to receiving your final plans, you will need to fully comprehend and understand all future building plans. You will then be asked to pay a small deposit and sign a home building agreement. Once this is completed, the demolishing and construction phase will begin!

The homeowner will do a final ‘walk-through’ with your home builder once the construction phase has concluded. By doing a check over of the property allows you to note any possible mistakes. Once you are comfortable with how everything looks and feels, we hand over the keys to your brand new custom home.

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