February 21 2018

Learn the definitive reasons you should consider getting a display home

Markets are sometimes bullish and sometimes bearish, currency exchange rates rise and fall, and politics is as good a guess as any. In a world that is constantly changing, a secure investment is often hard to find. This is arguably the most prominent reason why buying a display home has become so attractive. It’s a secure investment and a great lifestyle choice. Read on to learn more about display homes and why they make for such a compelling investment prospect in today’s property market.

What is a display home?

A display home is the showcase home of a development. These homes are built to an impeccably high standard as they are essentially used to market the entire development. Because of this, they are kept in premium condition and often enjoy additional features like a landscaped garden.

Display homes are used to show off the living space, surroundings, layouts and features of surrounding homes.

How does the process work?

The developer will sell the property to you with the option to lease-back, effectively making them your tenant for a set period. The lease-back contracts usually make accommodations for an extension that allows the developer to extend the agreement beyond the initial period.

The display home will be well maintained, expertly designed and be situated in one of the most appealing parts of the development. This is because it serves the purpose of attracting potential buyers and tenants.

So why is a display house such a popular (and worthwhile) property investment?


  • Quality build

Display homes are the developer’s pride and an exhibition of the high standard of craftsmanship they provide. This means every piece of furniture and finish will be of a high quality as well as the outdoor area and garden. Buying property in a high-quality development means you get a good rental return and a favourable asset appreciation should you wish to sell in the future.

  • Return

A display home in Perth is an investment, so wanting a considerable return makes sense. The whole concept of a display house caters to providing a good return to buyers. Firstly, the home won’t be lived in and the appliances won’t be used during the duration of the lease. This ensures that it is returned to you in the best possible condition. In addition, when developers do rent the property from you, more often than not, they pay a premium rental.

  • Rental

Anybody who has been a landlord/landlady will know the value of a good tenant. By “good tenant” we mean a tenant that pays on time and doesn’t recklessly cause damage to your property. In the case of your display home, you have the guarantee of a good tenant (the developer). The good condition of the property benefits them as much as it benefits you.

This means that for the lifespan of the display, which could be anywhere between 1-5 years, you will enjoy a commercial rental rate even though the property will be treated as a residential building for tax purposes.

  • Exemplary landscaping

Part and parcel of making sure the display home exudes quality is its landscape. Your display home will feature expertly designed gardens and outdoor areas which will, in turn, enhance the value of your home. And the best part? This will be at no extra cost to you.

  • No fees, very few hassles

Usually when we make large investments, for example cars and houses, the costs that catch us off guard are maintenance and repairs. Fortunately, your display home will be kept in pristine condition by a professional cleaning team and a maintenance crew at the developer’s expense.

What’s more you won’t be levied with property management or inspection fees, saving you a considerable amount each year.

We have built thousands of homes for families, and we pride ourselves on delivering results that improve your lifestyle and make for a valuable investment. Contact us today for a chat about property investment in Perth.

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