Display Homes Perth

Why display homes are a good investment

Display homes are usually built as part of a development and are used to help market the development or estate. They are often of exceptionally high quality as they are the showpiece of any development. Buyers get the opportunity to own these homes and rent them back to the developers, often at a premium. At the end of the rental period, the buyer can either rent it out again, sell it or move in. A great investment and a great home, depending on your needs at the time. Contact us to view our range of beautiful display homes in Perth and Western Australia.

Show homes Perth

Show homes are used as a developer’s main marketing tool. These show homes are usually decked out with appliances and furniture, granting prospective buyers a good opportunity to visualise their own homes and to make an informed decision. They are often open to the public on a particular day, allowing potential buyers to peruse the home at their leisure.

Why display homes are a good investment

• Built to the highest standards
• Excellent rentals – great ROI
• Excellent tenants – developers have an incentive to maintain the property in excellent condition
• Often in the best part of the development estate
• Landscaped with great finishes
• Cleaning and maintenance included
• No need for a property manager
• At end of the leaseback period you can do what you want with it

Display home builders

As a leading residential construction company in WA, we have built many display homes and have a few on our books up for sale. Contact us to see if we have one to suit your needs.

Display home locations

We offer a variety of display homes across Perth and WA. From single story homes on smaller plots to larger double storey houses on more expansive pieces of land. Contact us and let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll arrange a viewing.

Finance on display homes

Contact us to talk to a home finance specialist who can help you buy what will not only be a great home, but an excellent investment at the same time.

Tax depreciation deductions

When you buy a display home there are various potential tax depreciation deductions available, which would make this an even better investment. Contact us to talk to a consultant who can explain the potential tax benefits.

Wide price range

New display homes differ in price, according to their location and, size and features. We always strive to find a home most suitable to your needs, and a display home is no different. Talk to us about your requirements, looking ahead to the future while focussing on your current needs.

Learn the definitive reasons you should consider getting a display home

We have built thousands of homes for families, and we pride ourselves on delivering results that improve your lifestyle and make for a good investment. Contact us today for chat.