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Single storey home builders

When you are building a new home, you want to work with a professional building company that has your best interests at heart. Before you build though, you need to design your home, and you want a home design that is both aesthetic and functional. When it comes to house designs in Perth, talk to us, we are specialists in designing and building homes that suit all your needs, both practical and financial.

Modern home designs

Whether you want a modern home design with all the bells and whistles, or a minimalist home that focuses on maximising available space and light, our talented team of designers will work with you to design a house that suits your needs and meets all your expectations. Alternatively, choose from our range of ready-made designs.

New home designs

When it comes to new home designs in Perth, our innovative team of designers has proven themselves capable of meeting all your demands. We specialise in single storey home designs, which most Perth residents require, but we are also capable of building double and triple story houses. We are always happy to chat to you about any requirements you have for building your dream home.

When planning your home, we aim for a design solution that is both sustainable and cost effective. We try to design homes that work best within the climatic constraints of Western Australia and are well adapted to its surrounds. In addition, our homes are designed to be energy-efficient and flexible enough to add on extra rooms when required.

We don’t see homes as objects but as lifestyle buildings that need to suit their occupants and not vice versa.

Single storey home designs Perth

At My homes WA, we believe there is beauty in simplicity. We offer single storey home designs, which result in houses that are functional and affordable. These homes are built to be lived in by families who love an abundance of light and good use of space. No matter what your budget, we can accommodate you with an appropriate solution. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor with a portfolio of properties, we will work with you to provide a property solution that is perfectly suited to your requirements.

Property professionals

Our team of property professionals is waiting to hear from you, and after an initial consultation and go ahead, will work with you to produce a home that you will love. We’ll manage the entire project from start to finish, starting with the design right up to you moving in. We’ll keep you updated at all stages of the project, making sure you are involved in the process from start to finish, offering input and comment when necessary.

Choosing the right home

From single level cottages to sprawling luxury mansions, our home designers have done it all. Contact us and let us know what you require.